Yasuo Senna Iriawan was born in Jakarta on 1 November 1996 besides his main hobby of Racing, he also enjoy swimming, basketball and music, embraced the religion of Islam. Senna went to school in HIGHSCOPE INDONESIA (an International accredited school in South Jakarta). Yasuo Senna Iriawan is the eldest son of Stanley Iriawan Iriawan and Yani Iriawan.  He has a younger sister Asuka Sharon Dian Iriawan

In the upcoming WSK Master Round III in Val Vibrata, Italy, on 14-15 May. "This is a golden opportunity for me to compete with the European karters," he said in the press release, Wednesday, May 4, 2011.

Previously, Senna already initiated efforts trying the Margutti Trophy and the WSK Master Round II in 7 Laghi Circuit in Castelletto, Italy, last March.  This 1 November 1996 born karter was very excited, serious and eager to prepare himself for the higher level of competitioin in the European series. "I have prepared myself and will maximize this opportunity to gain my karting experience with the European sequence, and to prepare myself to the higher level of racing in the future" he said.

Senna's father, Stanley Iriawan, giving no pressure to his son in every European races that followed. According to Stanley, he hope that Senna can gain and absorb valuable experience in the European level which will benifit his racing career in the future specially in the single-seater level. "We will take it one step at the time, the most important is he (Senna) to learn and never stop learning for his future benefit.  It is important for him to learn the charactersitic of European drivers and tracks as well as to learn the data telemetry and the set-up" he said.

Senna come from a racing famiily, his late Grandfathe Hengky Iriawan was the one who introduce the sport of Karting to Indonesia in the early 1960's.   Senna has a solid and full racing agenda in 2011, he also will represents Indonesia in the CIK-FIA Karting Academy (championship for under 15) scheduled for three rounds in Italy, France and Bahrain this year.  In addition, e will also join the last round of WSK Master in Viterbo, Italy in September ; the Bridgestone-Cup in South Garda, Italy, in October and the WSK Nation Cup in November.

Asian Karting Open Championship (AKOC) remain on the agenda for the Asian races, Senna a favorite admirer of Ayrton Senna and Kimi Raikonnen, will join the five rounds championship starting in the first series in Macau on 2-3 July and ends in the same city on 3-4 December. 

Senna is the reigning champion of AKOC 2010 Formula Junior Open 125cc and has pledge to retain his title again this year. 

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